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Hosting a Wine and Cheese Party

Creating a wine and cheese party with perfect pairings is easy, with just a little help. We have a printable wine and cheese pairing list you can use as your guide.

Wine and Cheese Party Pairing

Wine, fine cheeses, a wine tasting sheet, and good friends are all elements of a successful wine tasting party. To host a wine party that's truly a unique experience, take the time to carefully select wine and cheese pairings.

For printable wine tasting sheets, click here.

Many lives have been dedicated to the love, the making, and the enjoyment of cheese. A well thought out wine and cheese pairing goes well beyond the grocery-store-variety cheddar. Wine and Cheese parties can be some of the most aromatic and interesting experiences you can give guests.

For the best experience, try cheeses that may be new to you and your guests. If you desire that someone else choose your cheese for you, consult a Fromager (cheese expert) at your cheese shop.

You can contact the Fromager at my favorite restaurant in New York, Artisanal, You can order a variety of cheeses to be sent to your home anywhere in the United States.

As a general rule, the lustier most potent cheeses deserve a bold or spicy dry red wine. These cheeses have been aged. They are not pasteurized, and they may possess a nutty or slight ammonia flavor. Younger and milder pasteurized cheeses and cream-like cheeses go well with sauvignon blanc, champagnes and genuine Sauternes (dessert wines).

Start your wine tasting with the mildest cheese and wine first, so that you don't overwhelm your palette. Work your way up to the stronger cheeses and bolder wines. Save a strong, creamy cheese for your final tasting as it will linger the longest.

Throw a wine tasting party with ease by using our extensive list of cheese and wine pairings that are readily available in the United States.

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