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Themed Party Ideas

Traditional Mexican Games

Traditional Mexican Games

Of all the traditional Mexican games, the pinata party is the most famous. And for even more Cinco de Mayo ideas visit:

The Pinata Party

When I was a little girl, my family spent a vacation in a small village outside of Matamoros, Mexico. There, I attended my first pinata party.

I didn’t know the birthday girl or the hosts of the party. But, in the typical festive and exuberant nature of the Mexican people, the hosts invited everyone to join in on the fun.

Alligator Pinata W/ Pull String Kit Kit At the age of 8, the pinata party was magical. The pinata was attached to a rope and hung in a tree.

A man held the other end and moved it up and down while party guests took a swing at the candy-filled target. Moving the pinata makes the game more challenging and allows it to last longer.

For the typical pinata party, children and adults create a large circle around the pinata. One at a time, each guest is blindfolded, spun in a circle, and pointed toward the pinata.

The host hands this guest a stick and guides his or her hand to tap the stick on the pinata three times while counting out loud, "uno, dos, tres."

Cactus Pinata With Pull String Kit This way the guest gets a firm bearing on the location of the pinata. Then, the player is given 30 seconds to unleash the treasures. If the pinata is still intact after this time, the next player has a turn.

Pinatas are generally filled with oranges, candy, and small inexpensive toys such as stickers, match box cars and the like. Pinata parties are a wonderful idea for Mexican Fiesta Themed Parties. Children and adults alike love the spectacle they create!

If you are having a pinata party for a bachelorette celebration, or an adult birthday party, place funny items in the pinata that are appropriate for the occasion. Treats such as candy, tiny liqueur bottles, gift certificates placed in plastic eggs, noise makers, shot glasses, party beads, key chains and other party favors related to the theme make good pinata filling.

Enjoying traditional Mexican games at your Cinco de Mayo parties is a great way to celebrate the holiday. For even more fantastic Cinco de Mayo ideas visit our Cinco de Mayo Parties page.

Pinata Party Shop

Pinatas are fun for both children and adults. The shop below has a great selection of fun pinatas AND interesting party favors to fill the pinata. Select party favors that are appropriate for the age of guests you’re hosting.

For adults, noise makers, key chains, flashlights, party beads and shot glasses are fun party favors to add to your pinata.

For kids, any small toys will do, but mini water guns, plastic jewelry, whistles and yoyos are a real treat!

More Fun Mexican Games

Pinatas are quite popular, but to entertain a crowd add a few more games to the mix. Relay races and games of skill (such as horse shoes) are fun additions to your traditional mexican games.

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