Cucumber Tea Sandwiches: Serves 16

To avoid soggy sandwiches, drizzle vinegar over cucumbers 30 minutes before making sandwiches. After marinating, pat the cucumber dry with towels. Thoroughly mix the cream cheese and chives together and spread over 4 slices of bread. Top with cucumbers and another slice of bread. Cut the crust from the bread and cut the bread diagonally from corner to corner. Then cut diagonally again from the other corners to create 4 tiny triangular tea sandwiches.

Potted Meat Tea Sandwich

The potted meat sandwich is an easy fix for leftover roast beef or pork roast. In a food processor, add as much of the leftover roast as you like with just enough softened butter to help bind the sandwich together. Blend until very smooth.

Spread evenly over sliced bread and add a little salt and pepper. Top with another slice of bread and cut off all the crust. Cut the sandwiches diagonally to create four petite sandwiches.

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