Hand-made Pasta Recipe for an Italian Themed Dinner Party

To serve 8 guests, here's what you'll need:

I like to wait to make the dough until all the guests are present so that everyone can see the entire process. Place 7/8 lb. of flour and 4 eggs into the food processor and pulse until dough appears like peas. Remove from food processor and knead slightly.

Fold dough into a square shape and run through pasta maker on the largest setting. Then continue to run the dough though pasta machine, increasing the setting with each run.

After dough is at the desired thinness, change the pasta attachment to the spaghetti cutter and pass the dough through one last time. Put freshly made pasta directly into boiling salted water, and it's ready in about 3 minutes.

Guests are usually shocked at how easy this process is! Everyone loves standing around in the kitchen with a glass of wine while we make the pasta. Be sure to serve a gourmet sauce worthy of this special spaghetti!

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