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Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets include more that just homemade peeps and delicious treats! Homemade Easter treats and Colored Easter Eggs are fun Easter Basket Ideas, but non-candy gifts for Easter Baskets will keep them entertained and help you create the most interesting Easter Baskets.

Here are our 50 favorite non-candy ideas for Easter gift baskets:

  1. Play Money
  2. Slinky
  3. Yo-Yo
  4. Toy Harmonica
  5. itunes gift certificate
  6. Seed Packets
  7. Garden Gloves
  8. Restaurant gift certificates (Fast food or Sit-down)
  9. Deck of Playing Cards
  10. Coloring Book
  11. Crayons
  12. Glitter
  13. Lip Gloss or Chapstick
  14. Nail Polish
  15. Matchbox Cars
  16. Construction Paper
  17. Novels
  18. Pop-up books
  19. Puzzle Books - like Suduko
  20. Costume Jewelry
  21. Bubble Bath
  22. Modeling Clay
  23. Plush Toy
  24. Pocket Calendar
  25. Sunglasses
  26. Stickers
  27. Money - Bills
  28. Flashlight
  29. Music CD
  30. Fun Pens and Pencils
  31. Diary
  32. Coffee Mug
  33. Amazon Gift Card - Learn how to win one on this site for free
  34. Homemade Trail Mix
  35. Magazines
  36. Comic Books
  37. Origami Kit
  38. Change Purse (with change)
  39. Whistle
  40. Jaxs
  41. Bubbles
  42. Stationary
  43. Travel Games - like checkers, dominos, etc
  44. Key Chain
  45. Small Photo Album
  46. Hair Accessories like barrettes and bows
  47. Magic trick game book
  48. Lotion
  49. Silly Puddy
  50. Sidewalk Chalk

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Want to submit your own fantastic Easter ideas, we'd love to hear them.

Fun Confetti Eggs for Easter

Michelle of Hot Spring, Arkansas wrote about her favorite Easter tradition, making confetti eggs. Add these to your unique Easter baskets for a crafted touch. This is also a great Easter craft project for kids.

Supplies needed:

  • 12 eggs
  • Tiny paper confetti
  • Small amount of white tissue paper
How to make confetti eggs: all you have to do is poke a small hole in both ends of each egg ... and then carefully blow them out.

Rinse the eggs. Paste a small piece of tissue paper over the hole in one end of each egg, and allow them to dry.

Carefully fill each egg with the tiny confetti, and then paste tissue paper over the other hole.

You can then "crack" the eggs over someone's head, etc. and really surprise them with the confetti.

*One note of caution.....the confetti can make a big mess, so be careful where you crack these eggs!

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