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New Years Food Traditions

Build your own New Years food traditions with delightful recipes for New Years Eve and New Years parties! Here are two party food ideas for New Years Parties.

New Years Food Traditions

The Midnight Buffet New Years Tradition

I once lived next door to a foreign ambassador whose New Years traditions included a midnight buffet. He invited my husband and I to this New Year's Eve party. The invitation stated a midnight buffet, which I -- mistakenly -- did not take literally.

The party was wonderfully posh with a great deal of food and beverages served throughout the evening.

The diningroom was closed from the rest of the home during the party, while it was being prepared with the buffet items.

At the stroke of midnight, the dining room opened to a lavish feast complete with ice sculptures, fountains and beautifully decorated platters.

The opening of the midnight buffet signified the good fortune or the New Year and that the party would continue yet for several hours!

You can create the midnight buffet for your own party, scaled to the size of your home or your budget. For a fun twist, incorporate any of the Caribbean New Years Food Traditions, like plates of 12 grapes for guests to declare 12 wishes with each stroke of midnight.

New Year's Day Brunch

New Years Parties

New Years Brunch is a fun and cost effective way to celebrate the New Year, or to top off a party on the following day!

After an evening of ringing in the New Year, celebrating an engagement, wedding or graduation, brunch is a welcomed and laid-back event that requires less effort than a dinner party.

Champagne left over from the last night's parties can be made into mimosas. To keep it simple, serve a fruit platter which can be made the day before and various breads, pastries, or scones.

For the main dish, quiche lorraine is an easy entre that can serve several people.

A must for your New Year's food traditions: work black eyed peas into the New Year's brunch as they are a symbol of health and wealth for the New Year.

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