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Mandarin Orange Fluff Dessert

Mandarin Orange Fluff Dessert was submitted by Jennifer Cappelletti of Jacksonville, Florida

Mandarin Orange Fluff Dessert Recipe:

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  • 1 small can of mandarin oranges drained well
  • 2 containers of cool whip
  • 1 package dry orange jello mix (not sugar free)

Take the mandarin oranges and drain in a strainer and squeeze out juices. Take the 2 containers of cool whip; put in a large bowl. Take jello mix and sprinkle into the cool whip. Fold in until well mixed. Do not stir; fold so the cool whip doesn't go flat.

Once mixed, add the oranges and lightly fold until mixed nicely. This will make almost 2 containers - 1 not as full as the other.

This goes well with dinners as a sweet side dish!

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