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Homemade Easter Baskets - Frugal and Eco Friendly!

Homemade Easter baskets are the most unique way to present Easter gifts. Here you'll find our most frugal tips on how to create home made Easter baskets out of things that are simply lying around your house!

What a great way to recycle and use what you already have for this green themed Easter baskets page!

Homemade Easter BasketsFrugal and Eco-Minded Easter Baskets:

Idea #1 for Homemade Easter Baskets:

Create the grass filler for your basket by shredding paper grocery store bags in your paper shredder.

Idea #2 for Home made Easter Baskets:

Turn a paper egg carton into an Easter basket. This basket may not be appropriate for use while playing an Easter egg hunt game, but it's certainly clever.

Decorate a paper egg carton by painting it with acrylic paints, ribbon, and whatever else you may have lying around the house.

Staple a handle to your basket. The handle can be created from vines or the paper handles off of grocery store bags.

Place eggs and other homemade Easter goodies (like homemade candies) in the carton. Finish by wrapping the carton with clear wrapping paper cellophane and a beautiful bow.

Idea #3 for Homemade Easter Baskets:

Cover a card board box with fabric or wrapping paper. To create the handle, punch a small hole in one side of the box and another in the other side of the box.

Thread heavy duty ribbon through the hole. Tie a large knot on the inside of the box so that the ribbon will not slip though.

Measure enough ribbon for an adequate handle, and thread the other side of the ribbon through the other hole. Tie a knot once again.

Idea #4 for Home made Easter Baskets:

Use a light weight plastic planter pot for a basket - like the type you get when you buy a plant from a nursery. Thoroughly clean and decorate with ribbon fabric or paint.

To create a handle, punch two holes in opposite sides of the pot with a hole puncher. Tread heavy duty ribbon through each hole and secure the ribbon by tying large knots on the inside of the pots so that the ribbon doesn't slip through.

Idea #5 for Homemade Easter Baskets:

This one is for looks. It won't stand up to an Easter egg hunt, but it sure is pretty!

Create a bird's nest basket out of grapevines or twigs from around the yard. You don't have to have "grapevines" - any vines will do.

Simply wrap the vines onto each other in a messy bird's nest shape. Secure the twigs and wines by using a hot glue gun and twine.

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