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Healthy Party Food Ideas for Kids

Ever wanted to create a birthday party with healthy party food for kids instead of the usual candy and cake? And you've not known where to even start?  If you're a parent who is concerned about your child's health or weight, then be the new trend-setter for creating fun, but healthy birthday parties.  Other parents will thank you too.

Don't just focus on food and what to serve at a party, be sure to include fun activities so that it's not food-focused. 

healthy party foodHide 'n seek; pass the parcel, blind man's bluff, musical chairs and others are great time-fillers and ways for kids to have fabulous fun and to de-emphasize food.

Healthy Party Food that's Sweet

Think presentation.  You'd be amazed what healthy food kids will eat that they wouldn't normally when it's presented in a fun way, or in a way that gives them the opportunity to be creative and compare with their friends. 

Cut up blocks of fruits - make sure you choose multiple colors and me the blocks different shapes and sizes.  For example, square pineapple, triangular strawberries and round grapes.  Challenge the kids to see who can make the most fun looking fruit skewers and have a prize.

Then have them feed a partner and make up a story about each kind of fruit as they take it off the skewer.  For example:  "Beep beep.... open wide, here comes Miss strawberry, she's eager to get inside and see your tummy."

Or "Mr Pineapple has a bright yellow belly because he's a coward - he's very scared of the dark so he wants to follow Ms. Strawberry into your tummy so that he isn't alone."  You'll be amazed at how inventive children can be and how much fun they can have making up stories and turning healthy party food into a fun experience.

healthy birthday party foodAnother all time favorite is colorful jello cut into shapes with a cookie cutter. And try short slices of celery filled with peanut butter and a few raisins to decorate the top.  Your kids will love the watery crunch and delicious flavors.

Healthy Party Food that's Savory

All kids seem to love hamburgers and hotdogs so why not serve one of those with a healthful twist.  Get a simple whole-wheat bread recipe and mix-up the dough and have it all ready to do.  Have each child fashion their own bread bun (round for hamburgers, finger-like for hot-dogs) and pop them into the oven. 

There is nothing like the anticipation of kids faces when it comes to hot-baked bread right out the oven.  And buy low-fat hamburger  or good quality franks that you bake into patties.  Serve them with a dash of pre-made coleslaw for crunch and watch them disappear.  Healthy party food can include popcorn instead of crisps.

And here's another tip as I reveal in my book:  Get your Child to eat Healthy the 'Easy Peasy' Way!, children will eat what they have helped prepare vastly easier than anything you're prepared. 

So have the coleslaw already chopped, along with some raisins or cranberries, and mayo mixed with low fat yoghurt all ready to go and get the kids to help you whip it up.

A Healthier Birthday Cake

healthy cake topping ideasServe an apple, butternut or beetroot cake.  Here's a recipe that is yummy.  Kids certainly won't know the difference, and decorate it in any way you see fit.  You see, the idea when it comes to serving healthy party food isn't necessarily to serve zero candy, it's just to limit it as much as possible.

Or ... make a frozen yoghurt cake - you'll be amazed at how easy and quick it is to knock out one of these.  Take a round glass bowl, and take a really thick and creamy yoghurt (the Greek God brand works perfectly - and the honey one kids go crazy for). With the back of a large spoon, spoon it into the container, and smooth a layer of it up to the top. 

Once you've covered the entire bottom and sides of the container, fill the center with a mix of fruit salad mixed into another color yoghurt (like strawberry).  Then pop it into the freezer over night. 

When you're ready to serve it, take this healthy cake out the freezer, turn it upside down. Throw a hot wet rag over the container, and watch it pop onto the plate.  Then cut it into slices - kids love this unusual but healthy party food.

Cari Corbet-OwenNo sugar highs, no hyped up kids - just a fun time for all, using healthy party food.

This page was contributed by Cari Corbet-Owen. If you're struggling with losing weight, you'll want to visit Cari's site and learn about her very interesting and compelling journey to live healthfully and happily.

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