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Easter Egg Hunt Game - an Exciting Way to Play!

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Here's a fun Easter Egg Hunt Game that will create great excitement during your hunt.

What you'll need for the Easter Egg Hunt Game:

  • Plastic colored eggs
  • Goodies to hide in the eggs
  • A poster board or chalkboard with the point values of eggs listed

How to play the Easter Egg Hunt Game:

You'll need different colored eggs to play. The plastic type are best.

Place homemade goodies and other treasures in your eggs, and hide the eggs as you normally would for an Easter egg hunt.

Each colored egg has a different point value. For example:

  • Pink eggs = 10 points
  • Blue eggs = 20 points
  • Green eggs = 30 points, and so forth.

You might want to have more pink eggs than green making finding a high value egg more exciting. In other words, the higher the point value, the less eggs of that color you will hide.

To create the most excitement, limit the time that contestants can look for eggs. If players are of vastly different ages, create teams so that a small child has an older partner.

Loudly proclaim "time up!" to end the race and have all the hunters gather on e one place to have their eggs counted. The team with the greatest number of points wins!

A grand prize is a fun addition to the game. This can be a special Easter basket filled with treats appropriate to the age of the players.

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