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Themed Party Ideas

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Spice it up with dinner party themes that everyone will enjoy. A great dinner party is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, special occassion, or just to celebrate a Friday night!

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New Friends Dinner Party

This is an idea that I just love to do! It's called the "make new friends" dinner party for good reason.

This is a dinner party for 10, but you'll only invite 2 couples (four people). Give each couple you invite 2 sets of invitations: one for them and the other to give to their friends. In other words, each couple you invite will invite one couple that you don't already know to be their guests.

This party is a great way to expand your circle of friends and to ensure that each guest will make a new friend. The total number of people is small enough that everyone will easily get to know one another, especially if you play party games or board games to break the ice.

Every Day Is a Special Occasion Dinner Party

This party is inspired by two coinciding events: a long stent in a cast rendering me unable to wear high heals and a cleaning frenzy that made me realize that a beautiful dress shouldn't sit in the closet waiting for a special occasion. After all, every night is a special occasion!

Create your own reason for a special occasion party. It could be as simple as celebrating friends on a Friday night.

Send invitations, after all, it is a "special" occasion party. Let your guests know that they should wear something they bought for a special occasion and have either never worn or only worn a few times.

In keeping with the fancy theme, I like to serve an elegant meal. And top it off with the most decadent dessert I know, chocolate ganache cake! Oh, a slice of this cake is a taste of pure pleasure. It's best way to top off a celebration of the "every night is a special occasion" party theme.

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