Themed Party Ideas
Themed Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Parties

Ideas for Cinco de Mayo parties are here! Cinco de Mayo Recipes, activities, games and more.

Cinco de Mayo Parties

You’ll even find a few surprises to make your Mexican fiesta as unique as your personality.

More Cinco de Mayo Fun:

Create amazing Cinco de Mayo parties with these fantastic ideas:

Decorate it Yourself Margarita

The "decorate it yourself" Margarita bar is fun for guests and keeps the host from working him or herself to death!

Make two types of Margaritas: traditional and fruit flavored (strawberry or peach, for example). Place your margaritas in pitchers. Place the pitchers in a tub of ice so they won't melt too quickly. Visit our best margaritas page for delicious margarita recipes.

It’s also a good idea to have an extra batch or two already made and stored in the freezer. You can even store the Margarita drinks in freezer bags. The alcohol in the drinks should keep them from freezing completely.

Provide various garnishes such as cut limes, strawberries, cherries, etc. Fun stir sticks, umbrellas, and a few over-the-top drink decorations add a quirky feel.

Rim some of glasses with salt and others with colored sugar. Using colored sugar will help guests distinguish which glasses will be sweet, and it also adds a festive touch.

Taco Bar Ideas

Create a taco bar with a selection of taco fillings. Make a stand-out taco bar with our unique taco recipes including: chicken tacos, fish tacos, ground beef tacos, vegetarian tacos, and homemade taco seasoning (oh this is a tasty recipe)! You'll love our homemade guacamole recipe and easy spicy bean dip.

And for a beautiful taco buffet table add a few authentic Mexican desserts. The stuffed pineapple is so pretty and it's delicious!

Pinata Party

A pinata party is such a festive way to celebrate Mexico. Children and adults love the spectacle of this fun Mexican fiesta activity.

For the best pinata party ideas, visit our traditional Mexican games page, where you'll discover some unique ideas for pinata parties.

Authentic Mexican Dinner

Truly authentic Mexican food can be hard to come by North of the Mexican border. Traditional Mexican mole sauce, red and green chalupas and other authentic Mexican recipes transport you to straight to the heart of Mexico.

Fit for even the finest dinner parties, these recipes on the traditional Mexican foods page are a culinary experience you won’t want to miss.

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