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Asian Party Theme

Grab Your Chopsticks Asian Party Theme is a creative party theme idea shared by Leah of Culpepper, VA


How about an Asian Party Theme? Now who doesn't love oriental food!? I threw a party just like this for my friends to show them my Asian background but anyone can do this whether your Asian or not, or perhaps you would like to throw your own culture background party :-)

Asian Party ThemeDecorate the House with lanternsAsian Party Theme of all colors and origami animals of all different kinds of paper- You can look up directions online to teach your friends how to make your favorite animal. (Fish, dragon, crane, frog, etc.)

Host and Guests can provide all different kinds of oriental foods (whether you make it or buy it)- Provide chopsticks to eat with!

Get a recipe online to make your own fortune cookies - You can even write your own messages and give them to your guests as a special surprise!

For a little extra fun - go to the nearest Chinese store/restaurant and ask for the Chinese zodiac horoscopes/signs papers - It's fun to see what animal relates to you!

Comment Submitted by Margie: This sounds like a great party idea! Maybe your guest can even dress up in Kimono dresses and robes.

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